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      1. To provide production formula, installation, commissioning, operating training and other services: Have professional engineers for machine installation and commissioning, cultivate enterprise employees to operate skillfully, solve problems encountered during machine operation, and provide machine maintenance year round.

      2. Professional machine repair and maintenance services: Long-term parts repair and maintenance services; lifelong equipment parts and components at favorable prices, and we promise one-year warranty for the machine and components.

      3. A sound customer product quality tracking system: To establish a complete after-sales quality tracking report for customer products, make professional analysis and provide timely feedback.

      4. Non-standardized production: According to customer requirements, to design and supply non-standardized products to meet customers’ special demands.

      5. Global customer demand-based: With “serving global customers” as the tenet, to provide comprehensive consulting and after-sales services in term of equipment, process, raw material, packaging, etc. and truly make customers free from worries.

      6. One return visit for free after finishing commissioning and start to production within one year. Provide check & maintain machines.

      Corporate culture

      • Corporate Mission

        Let our products enhance our customers' core competitiveness in the market

      • Corporate Vision

        Maximize products and operate national brands

      • Core values

        Persist in advancing with standard efficiency

      • Strategy

        Continuously innovating, pursuing quality, customer satisfaction, and striving for excellence


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